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Ramsi's Article:Ignotum per ignotius and very low common Sense (Community

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From 1991 up to 1995 the flow of exudes to Yemen, was lower however, the death rate including suffocations, vessel develop technical problems, inside the bout confrontations and lack of law and order, besides other reasons during the journey may reach up to 200-300 persons per year. Nevertheless from 1995 up to now, between "350-500" fleeing Migrants lost their lives during their perilous voyage across Gulf of Aden Noun 1. Gulf of Aden - arm of the Indian Ocean at the entrance to the Red SeaIndian Ocean - the 3rd largest ocean; bounded by Africa on the west, Asia on the north, Australia on the east and merging with the Antarctic Ocean to the south , according to according toprep.1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.2. In keeping with: according to instructions.3. Local Media Quotations. And nobody has moved a finger to address the "Slow Genocide" against most of the Somali vulnerable people. Even though there were calls heard many times by the Yemeni Government, the UN, other Humanitarian and human Rights Organizations endlessly to the international community to assist or do something for the Somalis that are dying in front of the world. according to the UN Independent Expert on the Situation of Human Rights in Somalia Human rights in Somalia are extremely poor and serious human rights violations are a problem due to the unstable political situation in the country. Somalia has not had a central government since President Mohamed Siad Barre fled the country in 1991. , Ghanim Alnajjar, have cited many times that trafficking in human beings is one of the common abuses in Somalia.

"The lack of coastline monitoring encourages human trafficking, often with fatal consequences for those who seek to leave Somalia for a better life elsewhere, many of whom drown or arrive at their destination only to discover that their hopes for a better life cannot be realized," Alnajjar was quoted saying, reiterated his call for the creation of an organization mandated to safeguard the Somali coastline with full collaboration of Yemen the Target of the exodus and Puntland State of Somalia the Source until, Somalia's own authorities developed the capacity to undertake that function.

However, before a few months, there were increasing acts of pirating mostly in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean Acts that if not have coordinating powers have helped at least in a negative way to the ways Somalis have been silently resisting the breakdown of their sprits, and framed as that Somalis are now taking their revenge to the entire world? Is that something that we can believe? Absolutely Not. Soon after these acts, the European big players rushed to UN Security Council requesting a resolution authorizing them to save guard their business interests! What the hell they were talking about? Is there something wrong with them also?

On this occasion a European Intellectuals wrote that (the resolution) "it's like man whose neighbor's house burns, and after the civil defense fire-fighters arrived he requested them to wash his Car!" Before 15 years 30,000 US marines landed in Somalia for a Mercy Mission. US reasoned under President George W Bush Sr, that they would only end the Mass Starvation, occurring in the country While one of the US senior Officials reasoned that the Mass Starvation was not from the whims of God but was caused by the Warlord's clan rivalries and skirmishes that refused to allow the Farmers to Farm and Animal Herders to Herd their Animals peacefully.

Sadly they had withdrawn increasing the rifts between Somalis! Who brought them interfere if not bringing solution to the problem that caused the Mass Starvation! Here is the last game of dealing with the ruthless being in Somalia, Ethiopia occupied Somalia challenged the deathly death·ly adj.1. Of, resembling, or characteristic of death: a deathly silence.2. Causing death; fatal.adv.1. In the manner of death.2. uneasiness, carrying inside its tanks the most hated Somali individuals called as (TFG TFG Transitional Federal
Warlords (arcade game) is also an arcade video game." to lead Somalia? It was funny to see they collectively begun their day to day ordinary hogwash's, so the question was can they stop the bull shits between them? Could they come to terms to save the people that they destructed, displaced, raped, killed, and injured? Absolutely NO. Now Ethiopia is withdrawing! But now we have a hope the Islamists are coming the best men/women known of their services to Somali society, their schools, hospitals, charity works that helps the poor supports the destitute des·ti·tute adj.1. Utterly lacking; devoid: Young recruits destitute of any experience.2. Lacking resources or the means of subsistence; completely impoverished. See Synonyms at poor. . Now let us ask our selves should they work? Yes they can if outside "Car Washing" Country's interferences stay aside. When here I was going on? I was phoned by unknown and uninvited un·in·vit·ed adj.Not welcome or wanted: uninvited guests.
uninvitedAdjectivenot having been asked: uninvited guests alien! "See Yemen Times What the righteous things you are talking about, are you talking about the drowning Deaths? The Pirates? The Warlords and their Vicious Money? Their everlasting bloody rivalries? Their imposed uneasiness into entire people and nation? Actually I was shocked, Impressed, and more of all annoyed of the degree of cowardice in deliberately miscomprehending and misinterpreting and more than any other thing the use of an abusive language of street people. In that article, I believed that whole of its contents and subject was full of deception, unfair, lack of common sense, irrational, illusive and a deliberate ignoratio elenchi .
Mr Ramsi and his wrongly used pen begin to explain me as he wrote "Patriotism is like virginity and betraying it is like to rape yourself of any morally acceptable sentiments". Who are wanted to be explained by these thoughtless things? Is it "Patriotism" of destruction and resurrection? Is it "Patriotism" of parasites and encircled life? Is it "Patriotism" of bull shit ideologies that conceals reality and forwards parasitic scavengers well-being'. "Patriotism" is from all other things destruction harm, displacement, and sufferings- far from it Its Spiritual Consciences, which is maintained by the value and culture of humility, nothing more! But what ever you explained shows that you are dead wrong and historically misguiding .

In a nut shell when you fully read that article it can be summarized the following. "he first defames the human rights activists and an authority of Somali Community- when he fails he starts to disseminate false stories of nothing Lords and 600 US $ income to 2000 km by barred foots crossed individuals, maids, car washers. As people from Malta and South Nicaragua are lectured upon here and Yemenis and Somalis in Somali and Yemen are the wrong audiences, completely we don't have a stomach for this. -- Again when he himself exposes his false stories He opens another round of foolish and childish personal attack to control the debate and the consciences of those he serves! The Common Sense and Understanding was required, if not who is being kidded here? I think we Somali Refugees in Yemen deserve far better intelligent insult and not ignoratio Elenchi, indeed.
Sadat Mohammed Yusuf Geesh is Head of Refugee Affairs of Somali Community & Refugee Rights-Based Activist, Sana'a, Yemen....
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